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Robinson Pharma, Inc. Refines Vegetarian Softgel Products for the Health Marketplace

Robinson Pharma, Inc. has utilized advanced vegetarian softgel encapsulation technology to become the leader in vegetarian softgel manufacturing. With the company expanding to six softgel machines solely dedicated to vegetarian softgel production, Robinson Pharma will achieve one of the largest capacities and fastest turnaround times in the industry for vegetarian softgels. The technology used to create RPI’s vegetarian softgels demonstrates the latest in proprietary engineering techniques in order to produce superior products for the consumer. This leading supplement manufacturer employs the most experienced formulators, technicians, and other personnel to oversee vegetarian softgel development.

Competing vegetarian supplement manufacturers do not meet the high-quality standards of Robinson Pharma, Inc. The bright and clean appearance of RPI’s softgels present a more appealing alternative in comparison to other vegetarian softgel products.Vegetarian softgels manufactured by Robinson Pharma raise the bar for both potency and design, with improved softness and appearances ranging from bright colors to more translucent finishes. Comparisons highlight the clean look of RPI’s vegetarian softgels as a more attractive alternative, while competitors’ finished products often have a darker appearance or misshapen designs. Vegetarian softgels manufactured by Robinson Pharma additionally allow for less occurrence of leakers, no odor, and maintain the same clean look from manufacturing through expiration.

Robinson Pharma’s multivitamin vegetarian softgel is the first of its kind within the supplement marketplace, containing a wide portfolio of nutrients for comprehensive health and in compliance with numerous health regulations and diets.Furthermore, the company has demonstrated advanced vegetarian softgel formulations that go beyond competitors’ current products, such as developing a unique vegan multivitamin for the market. Smaller and more compact than traditional multivitamin softgels, this softgel consists of over 20 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in one dosage.

Precisely shaped, easy-to-swallow, and non-sticky, Robinson Pharma’s vegetarian softgels are ideal for both simple and complex formulations and have broad consumer appeal. They can be aimed at numerous health categories including prenatal vitamins, memory support, eye health, weight management, and beauty support. Vegetarian softgels additionally have superior thermal stability over animal-based softgels, allowing for little-to-zero shape deformation to occur when exposed to high temperatures.

Vegetarian and Vegan softgel products are an upward spiraling growth trend; nearly 375 million people around the world practice a vegetarian lifestyle, moved by natural health choices, environmental consciousness, religious beliefs, as well as clean labeling and food safety. Robinson Pharma, Inc., a Southern California-based, full-service contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, is expanding its production capacity to 3 billion vegetarian softgels per year to meet with this demand. RPI’s capabilities include: capsules, softgels, tablets, powders, and liquids. The company holds multiple third-party certifications for current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliance from well-reputed organizations such as NPA, NSF, and UL, for supplement manufacturing in the United States, as well as a drug manufacturing license in the state of California.

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