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Personal Care

In addition to nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements, Robinson Pharma, Inc. has also diversified its manufacturing capabilities to include lotions and creams, as well as personal care and beauty products.

The manufacturing of lotions and personal healthcare products requires a different skillset and specialized machinery. Many other manufacturers often do not undertake the task of producing these types of formulas, but Robinson Pharma strives to be your one-stop manufacturing partner. We are thrilled to be able to offer these options to returning and new customers desiring cream and lotion products. As with our dietary supplements, you will always receive the highest quality at the best price.

You shouldn’t be limited by the types of products you can offer just because your manufacturer doesn’t have the capabilities. With Robinson Pharma, Inc. as your approved manufacturer, your options in creating lotions, creams, and personal care and beauty products are almost limitless.

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