Contract Manufacturing Robinson Pharma, Inc.

Contract Manufacturing

Do you already have a great formula, but need help producing it in the quantity and consistency that you require?

Robinson Pharma, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in contract manufacturing and can meet all of your manufacturing requirements.

Our state-of-the-art facility is FDA registered by the state of California. Robinson Pharma, Inc. also holds more independent certifications for GMPs than any other contract manufacturer in the United States.

As the largest softgel capacity manufacturer in the US, Robinson Pharma, Inc. can produce:

20 billion softgels per year courtesy of 20 production lines

14 billion solid-dose solutions (tablets, capsules and powders) with 3 blending suites

3000 Ton / Year Powder

130 Million / Year Bottle

70 Million / Year Blister

150 Million Year Sachet /Pouch /Stickpack

400 Million / Year Liquid Ampoule

19 production suites (7 tablet compression and 12 capsule filling

7 Billion / Year Gummies Capacity

Up to 51% of our raw materials are sourced from the US. Even though we search the globe for the best raw materials and ingredients, we guarantee you that all your products will be manufactured in the USA. Robinson Pharma, Inc. also guarantees you one of the shortest order lead times in the industry, as well as packaging services.

Contract Manufacturing Robinson Pharma, Inc.

Custom Formulation and Product Development

We offer custom formulations to our customers to help you develop the product of your dream with the help of our experienced R&D staff. To further accommodate your needs we will be by your side to develop a new product from scratch.

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