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These FAQs will help you learn more about our services and products.

All of our products are manufactured in an FDA-approved, cGMP-certified facility. Additionally, our on-site warehouse is a cGMP Registered Facility for softgels by NSF. Please visit our Certifications for more details.
Yes, we do. In fact, we highly recommend this service as one of the most cost-effective ways of starting a nutritional supplement business or expanding your product line. Choose among our Robinson Formulas for a variety of private label vitamins and supplements for your project. Each product is formulated for marketability and customer satisfaction.
Yes, we do. We are able to custom formulate nearly any nutritional supplement and vitamin concept you may have. Request A Quote for your supplement project today.
You can do the following:
1. Inquire with us on our Request a Quote page. Describe to us the function of the product and list any unique ingredients that you want to use.
2. Depending on the complexity of your concept or formula, it might take several days while our R&D department finds the right solution for you.
3. Our professional Sales Representatives will contact you directly to discuss next steps once they hear back from the R&D Department.
Yes. However, your order quantity must meet our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Additionally, each material needs to be tested for identity, purity, and potency based on the latest USFDA and cGMP Guidelines. Also, a Certificate of Analysis must be approved for use in our formulations, and a sample should be sent ahead of time to confirm the density and test method.
We will assist you in any possible way to make this part as seamless as possible. As a customer, you provide Robinson Pharma, Inc. your own artwork for labels, package design, printings, etc. On our end, we will make sure the designs meet USFDA specifications.
Yes, we can. Robinson Pharma, Inc. has designed and executed blister cards, boxes, display cartons, and many other unique packaging options for our clients.
Robinson Pharma, Inc. has one of the fastest turnaround lead times in the industry. Depending on how fast we can source raw materials, lead time varies by each order. Go to our Request A Quote, specify which product(s) you are interested in, and our Sales Representatives will contact you right away.
First, review our available services by clicking on Private Label and/or Contract Manufacturing links. Then review our product list to select any of our ready-to-made formulas. You may also Contact Us if you already have a custom formula that you would like to have manufactured.
Second, decide which service(s) you would like to collaborate on together. If there are any services you wish to enquire about that are not listed on our Home Page or if you would like to provide additional, specific details, please Contact Us directly. Our representatives will contact you right away.